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                                                20 years of experience in the liquid silicone, plastic and precision mold industries
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                                                Quality and delivery can meet customer requirements, which is our solemn promise
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                                                One-stop service, a multifunctional enterprise integrating resources such as mold manufacturing, liquid silicone injection molding, plastic product injection molding, and finished product assembly
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                                                The company has passed ISO9001:2015/ISO14001:2015 and other system certifications and product patent certificates

                                                8 experimental quality inspectionsStrict quality control

                                                It has a full-time quality control team and engineering technical team. It has a complete control sequence from mold making, parts production, and finished product assembly. It has a constant temperature and humidity test machine, a yellowing resistance test machine, a salt spray test machine, and a xenon lamp weather resistance test machine. 33 sets of test equipment such as environmental life testing machine, simulation automobile transportation vibration testing machine, etc.

                                                Experimental test rigorous testing process

                                                • Product development stagesample test, raw material test
                                                • Product sample stageRaw material performance test, sample performance test
                                                • Product mass production stagePeriodic performance test, abnormal product analysis test
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                                                20 years of experience in the liquid silicone, plastic and precision mold industries
                                                HotTop Precision Mould Manufacturing Co.,Ltd

                                                HotTop Group starts with the foundation of Shenzhen HotTop Precision Mould Manufacturing Co., Ltd, which was founded in 1995. HotTop Group always adheres to the principle of high tech, high quality, self-innovation and providing quality customer oriented service.Now HotTop has steadily grown into a group company owning 6 subsidiaries and over 2200 employees【See details】

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                                                Have a professional service supervision and continuous improvement team to make products more exquisite
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