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                                                Plastic mold parts factory teaches you how to prevent thimble from rusting
                                                release time:2021-01-28

                                                As we all know, thimble is very easy to rust. When the plastic mold parts factory finds that the thimble is rusty, if it does not deal with it, its service life will be quickly consumed and become undurable. So when the thimble rusts, what should the plastic mold parts factory do? What should I do?

                                                1. The thimble rusts when the plastic mold parts factory produces plastic molds. A large part of the reason is water injection. It is impossible for the machine to stop running and turn off the water. Improper operation can easily cause the thimble to rust. The correct method should be to turn off the water and turn off the machine. So it can effectively prevent rust.

                                                2. If the thimble is used correctly, it will be difficult to rust. When the thimble is out of use, we should also take measures to protect the thimble and use anti-rust oil or engine oil for anti-rust treatment.

                                                3. If the thimble of the plastic mold parts factory is rusted and there is only a small amount of rust, it can be processed by copper wire or grinding stone to remove the rust. However, if the rust is serious, replace the new thimble in time to keep your mold in good working condition.

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