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                                                20 years of experience in the liquid silicone, plastic and precision mold industries
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                                                Design & engineer strength

                                                Our design team is made up by 5 senior engineers and 42 engineers, who are all with extensive knowledge of mold construction 

                                                and material property. They apply MOLDFLOW for product evaluation and hold team discussion when necessary, and offer the most practical and effective proposal for customers. 

                                                ◇ We are capable of building tools according to international standard,like  HASCO, MISUMI, PROGRESSIVE, DME,CUMSA and MEUSBURGER.

                                                ◇ Also, we are familiar with below hot runner systems, such as SYNVENTIVE, MOLDMASTER, HASCO, DME,  INCOE,YUDO and HUSKY.

                                                • Design & engineer strength
                                                • Design & engineer strength
                                                • Design & engineer strength
                                                • Design & engineer strength
                                                • Design & engineer strength
                                                • Design & engineer strength
                                                Project management

                                                After having business with HotTop, many customers surprisingly find out that they have not only had smooth and comfortable communication, but also feel project management become simple. 

                                                We provide weekly process reports, which including picture, video, description and time chart to all customers for any new project, and sometimes telephone conference is also conducted to review some key issue.

                                                That“You don't have to be on site, but everything is under your control”is the principle of our project management.

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                                                Tooling equipments

                                                Equipped with state of art tooling machines, like  Switzerland Charmilles wire cut and EDM, USA Haas and Daewoo high speed CNC etc. Agiecharmilles Slow Wire Cut, KITAMURA &FANUC CNC, Agiecharmilles Mirror EDM, are applied during tooling building,we could satisfy customer’s requirement with high efficiency and quality.

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                                                Tooling Management

                                                ◇ HotTop has very steady and experienced tool making team made up by 12 senior technicians and 65 technicians.

                                                ◇ In HotTop, our tool making team is with high sense of quality following the ISO rules to make sure no defective parts from the last process will go into the next step.

                                                ◇ For the new comers, they will receive pre-job training before taking up their posts, also on-the-job one  regularly. We encourage them to work hard to learn more about mold construction technique and stress the importance of quality for every step and every workpiece.

                                                ◇ Besides, we have strict Time Management, as we divide the whole tool building into many detailed stages and review the actual status with project plan every day to make sure no delay happens or at least  it shall be caught up soon.

                                                ◇ HotTop implements performance management and divides the members into different teams according  to the different jobs they are arranged, which is efficient and scientific.

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                                                Quality Control

                                                ◇ Quality is the core of our success!

                                                ◇ We use advanced devices, such as CMM, VMS and gages for product inspection and quality assurance. The quality control department is temperature & humidity controlled to ensure that inspection is completed in proper environment.

                                                • Two-dimensional tester
                                                • Two-dimensional tester
                                                ERP Information management system

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