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Welcome to gardin, LLC.  We are an interior plant design studio based in Charlotte, North Carolina.  gardin was founded on the simple premise that plants enhance our lives and spaces.  From a single plant on a desk to a green oasis in your sun room, the presence of plants in our otherwise bare and often stressful environments has been proven to improve physical, mental and emotional health. 


With the average person spending over 90% of the day indoors, why not bring the outdoors in?  At gardin, we do just that.  Let us design your indoor oasis or add a single plant to start your journey.


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Plants have a way about them...

My name is Adi Avin.  I'm a long time plant enthusiast and the founder of gardin, LLC.  I'm also a mom to two active boys, expert dog ear scratcher and toddler sparring referee.  In the stresses of life, I've always found calm and refuge though my plants.  Like a best friend who's always there to calm you when you need it most, plants have a way about them.  No, I don't talk to my plants (although I wonder what they'd say as silent observers in our crazy house). 

I believe that plants bring joy and are essential to our overall well being (ever taken a walk through a garden and felt stressed out?).  They have a way of connecting us with nature and keep us grounded.  I’ve lived in many places and spaces and always enjoyed the challenge of transforming an empty canvas into a home.  My passion for plants and acquired understanding of their countless benefits ensured that plants were always an essential part of that transformation.  Their vibrant color and slow-but-steady growth is a happy reminder that home is organic and beautiful. 

By combining plants with elements of interior design, I want to showcase the beauty of plants in homes and other spaces, ultimately creating happier and healthier environments for my clients.

"If you've never experienced the joy of accomplishing more than you can imagine, plant a garden."   


- Robert Brault

Our Products

Our plants are carefully chosen based on overall plant health and low-maintenance requirements.  That being said, every plant needs a little TLC once and awhile.  The basics of growing house plants is to provide the appropriate environment including the right pot, exposure, watering and good drainage.  Each plant is accompanied with simple instructions.  Remember these key steps and you'll be on your way to growing an indoor gardin in no time.  The reward will be immeasurable.   

Our plants are typically 4"- 6" in diameter for surface pottery and 10" - 14" or larger for floor pottery.  If you prefer a more mature plant, please let us know.  Prices will vary depending on availability, size and maturity.  Our plants are locally grown and whilst they can thrive indoors year-round, availability may fluctuate slightly.  Also keep in mind that pottery undergoes traditional firing methods and may vary slightly in size, weight, color or decoration.  These slight variations result in pieces that are beautiful and individually unique.  We're a local business in Charlotte.  All plants and pottery is available for local delivery at this time.

Not sure which plant or pottery best suits your space?  Sign up for a free consultation and we will be happy to offer recommendations based on your environment and preferences.    


Modern design embraces the concept of less is more.  Straight lines, spare detail and mainly neutral colors are combined to create a clean, calm and uncomplicated space.  Plants in modern design remain true to these principles.  Simple foliage paired with clean lined planters for a sleek design.  Choose planters in neutral colors or a bold pop of color for a bit of fun.  


Eclectic design is an anthology of various design styles which may include modern, vintage and bohemian.  This style showcases various  heterogeneous elements such  as colors, textures and time periods, while maintaining a sense of continuity and intention.  It's design fusion meets symmetry and harmony.  Eclectic design is a platform to showcase ones personality, travel, history, etc.  Plants and planters in these spaces compliment this multilayered look with varied foliage, colors and textures.


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